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The changing times have forced the party-going people to have a solution in terms of catering services. And it has become obvious for us to remind that the catering technology is now being widely accepted as it caters to the myriad needs of the people at the auspicious occasions of marriages, birthday parties, engagements etc.

We the mankind have been accustomed to swallow a variety of food items and gulp liquids, besides other eatables and gels and it is also an open secret that we love to eat. The most sought after catering services is inevitable as is being played a crucial role during any occasion. Of course, the need for catering services has become a must for the metropolis and city people who do not hesitate to spend extra bucks to celebrate any special occasions in a grand manner. And naturally catering services would blend with the party goers, as if it were a perfect brew like that of ice cream and lip-smacking sweet a favorite item for the party goers.

Established in 1990, by Jammalamadaka Srinivas, Proprietor, Thirumala Caterers is an ISO 9001- 2008 Certified Catterers has been exploring new possibilities to meet the expectations of its clientele. Irrespective of any occasion, party or a function that is planned, you can knock at our doors and our professional team would be there at your disposal. The most reliable and neatly dressed catering staff will swing into action to serve up to your satisfaction. Besides we promise to provide experienced chefs and other coworkers for preparing delicious and mouthwatering dishes to taste.

Wedding Caterers, Party Caterers and Event Caterers come in all shapes and sizes. Based on the theme, there are caterers who can provide food for your event. Such as Italian, French, Asian, American, Southwest etc. The choices are endless and half the fun is finding the right catering service for you.


Thirumala Caterers is a safe and appropriate place for all occasions like marriages, birthday parties, cradle ceremonies, engagements etc. It gives a menu comprising a wide variety of food items. We know the love and labor that goes into preparing a appetizing dish and bring you a wide range of mouthwatering foods in true tastes and flavors to set any palate tingling.

We Tirumala Caterers specialize in preparing sumptuous and opulent food items including vegetarian lunches. Rightnow, Tirumala is catering to the needs of high profile companies, corporate and business houses. Besides we offer the services of Lunch Carriers with Ordinary & Special Menus to aptly suit to the demands of small & big establishments.

Keeping the changing food and drink needs of the clients and party goers, we have prepared ourselves to suit to different occasions at different prices. This, we hope, will prove handy for varied number of clients whose expenditure will change in accordance with the occasion or a party being planned. Our main precedence is to provide services at a cost effective manner and cater neatly and painstakingly to the needs to satisfy them.

Cynozure offers the following services.

Marriages with all arrangements

Corporate Seminars, Inaugurations & Training Programs

Gruhapravesams, Upanayanams, Nichyatharthams & Receptions

Seemanthams, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Shashityabhtha Poorthis & Sadhabishekams

Celebrations all through your life

Authentic South Indian, North Indian and Chinese Food

Punctuality, Quality & Reliability with 5-star level service

Events organizers based in Hyderabad we are providing a sophisticated range of services, from venues and entertainment, to the finest food and wines available. We serve during corporate events, christmas parties, product launches, weddings, banquets, parties and special events.

Capable of serving up to 2,000 people at a time and updating ourselves in terms of adequate equipment to suit to the occasion, we provide professional service and personal care all though. From the initial consultation, to the day of the event, we ensure you have the perfect function and menu that meets with all your desired requirements.

We will help you get rid of from all your problems and concerns about event management like a perfect corporate program, get together, social gathering, wedding day celebration or dinner party. Thirumala understands your food needs and maintains better quality for a wonderful experience of feast that is second to none with respect to the highest quality and freshness of ingredients making every dish a glee to the appetite.

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